DigitalOutbox Episode 350

Chris and Ian discuss Facebook and MWC



NomadKey Review

Charging cables aren’t usually the most interesting of topics and not something I think much about apart from ensuring I have cables for my devices at work, home and when I travel. That basically means a lightning cable and a micro USB cable to cover the many devices that I use day to day.

I was contacted by Nomad and asked if I was interested in trying a NomadKey and passing on my thoughts via this site. A few weeks ago I received a Lightning and micro-USB NomadKey and since then I’ve been using them to charge my iOS devices and my work phone and mifi device.

Lightning NomadKey
Lightning NomadKey

The NomadKey is a reworked version of the Nomad ChargeKey that launched last year. The main feature of the NomadKey is it’s size and flexibility. Slightly larger than a standard house key it’s designed to live on your key ring so no matter where you are, if you have your keys you can charge your device…well, as long as there is a USB socket nearby.

The NomadKey features a slim USB connector at one end and a lightning or micro-USB connector at the other. Both ends are made of a hard plastic and the middle is a flexible rubber which covers the cable connecting both ends. This allows the NomadKey to twist and allow you to charge your device in some pretty awkward places. While fine for phones and small devices it’s not practical for things like an iPad. The chargers are really light, so much so you won’t notice any additional weight on your key ring or if you decide to carry them in a travel or office bag.

In use I’ve found the NomadKey to be fast and reliable. For iOS devices it’s not only a charge cable but sync’s as well and is certified by Apple. I’ve seen no difference in charge or sync times between an official Apple cable and the NomadKey. It also carries enough current to charge an iPad.

Flexible NomadKey
Flexible NomadKey

Although reliable over the last three weeks I do have a couple of niggles. Firstly the USB and lightning connectors are uncovered. As the premise of the NomadKey is for the charger to live alongside your keys I do worry that over time the connectors will pick up dings and scratches. The more durable plastic that hooks onto your key ring does look robust but again, over time will it become chewed up?

Finally is the question of value. The NomadKey costs $29 with free shipping to the UK which feels a little steep. A 1m lightning cable from Apple is £15 and I think the NomadKey would be more appealing to users if they managed to undercut Apple even slightly.

Despite the niggles I loved the NomadKey cables and would recommend them to anyone looking at picking up a new charge cable or who tend to misplace or forget their current chargers. It’s an excellent day to day charger and especially useful for the frequent traveller. Nomad are also bringing out a new product called the NomadClip which is a portable charging cable in the shape of a carabiner and something I’m far more interested in.

If you like the look of the NomadKey or any of their other products then you can pre-order them now and for a limited time you get 25% off if you use the code “LIVESIMPLE”.

DigitalOutbox Episode 204

DigitalOutbox Episode 204
DigitalOutbox Episode 204 – Heartbleed, Dropbox and reversible USB

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0:54 – Why Heartbleed is the most dangerous security flaw on the web
12:53 – Not dead yet
15:16 – MEPs vote to scrap mobile roaming fees in Europe
16:54 – Europe does what the US won’t by agreeing to strong net neutrality law
19:30 – Dropbox Announcements
28:54 – Amazon acquires digital comics leader comiXology
31:35 – Social TV app Zeebox relaunches as Beamly to lose ‘male geeky’ image
34:00 – BBC iPlayer shows to be made available for 30 days
34:37 – Netflix 4K streaming goes live but only on newest TVs
36:32 – This is the reversible USB cable that will end your frustrations

Monument Valley
– iOS now – Android soon
– £2.99
– Like an interactive version of an M.C. Escher print
– Gorgeous, great audio – great puzzles
– Only 10 levels though so short – couple of hours will see you complete but it’s a great experience
– Each level is like an individual artwork

DigitalOutbox Episode 192

DigitalOutbox Episode 192
DigitalOutbox Episode 192 – Messaging, Spotify and No Man’s Sky

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1:45 – Technology firms seek government surveillance reform
3:27 – U.K. Social Media Users Get Legal Advice From On High On Avoiding Contempt Of Court
5:49 – Twitter Apps Updated With New Swipeable Design And Photo Support In Direct Messages
10:15 – Instagram Introduces Instagram Direct
11:53 – Spotify Goes Freemium On Tablets, Launches Free Shuffle Product On Smartphones
14:10 – Three UK announces customers can roam for free in the US, and launches 4G too
16:47 – The Next-Gen USB Plug To Be Smaller And Finally Reversible
18:46 – Aldi launches £80 tablet to rival Tesco’s Hudl
21:34 – Google (finally) lets you download your Gmail and Calendar data
23:30 – Chromecast gets Plex, Vevo, RealPlayer, Viki and more with massive app update
25:32 – CBBC HD, CBeebies HD, BBC Three HD, BBC Four HD & BBC News HD launch Tuesday 10 December 2013
28:16 – No Man’s Sky
32:07 – Nottingham teenager gets £450 refund after buying a photo of an XBox One on eBay

Boson X
– a new rotational runner from Mu & Heyo
– For iOS, Android, Mac and PC
– Great little time filler

– Easy to use mind mapping tool
– For iOS and Mac
– Syncs via iCloud (and it works!)