DigitalOutbox is a weekly podcast all about technology, gadgets and games from a distinctly UK perspective. We are passionate bordering on obsessive and hopefully that enthusiasm shines through in our podcasts. The feedback page has a number of way’s with which you can get in touch and we’d love to hear from you about the podcast and website, both good and bad. We hope you enjoy the show and if you are interested in finding our more about the hosts then keep reading.

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Chris Hutchinson
Chris_HutchinsonChris runs his own web development business in West Sussex and therefore brings a little more Southern perspective to the Podcast. Old enough to have seen times with only 3 TV channels and the birth of the home computer, a love of technology has always been a strong influence in Chris’ life.

Having always been a motorsport enthusiast, Chris is currently living the dream of being a bonafide racing driver. Time not at work or podcasting is spent preparing, testing or racing his Caterham. You can catch Chris and his racing exploits at Caterham Academy Racer or follow him on Twitter.

Ian Dick
id profileIan lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland. By day he works in the IT department for a large manufacturing company but outside work he is a keen follower of all things digital. In 2006 he switched to using a Mac as his primary computing platform although at work it’s all Windows. A keen gamer he has owned almost every platform from the SNES onwards and despite saying he would be a one console guy from he picked up an Xbox One and a PS4, then a PS4 Pro and an Xbox One X and a Nintendo Switch as well. The desire to keep up to date with the latest and greatest technology often means some costly purchases – the early adopters tax hit’s hard sometimes.

In recent years Ian shed weight and has now lost over 50kg to get his BMI down to 25. This only led to some fitness gadgets being purchased and he can now be found running around the streets of Glasgow trying to keep his aged body in some sort of shape. To find out more about Ian visit his blog or follow him on twitter.

Shakeel Naim
Shakeel_NaimShak was a founding member of DigitalOutbox and hosted the podcast for the first six months before he got, well, bored. Born in Pakistan, Shakeel moved to Glasgow, Scotland at a very young age where he has lived most of his life. In 1998, he moved to Peterborough, England, to start a career in IT where he was mostly employed as a web developer. In 2010 he moved back to Glasgow where he currently works as an Oracle Developer. Shakeel is very much into all things digital and absolutely loves technology, gadgets, games and A/V. A relatively recent convert to Apple computers, Shakeel enjoys working on a 13″ Retina MacBook Pro and also owns the latest iPhone. Always. He finds the overall Apple Mac computing experience refreshing and hassle-free. At work, Shakeel works on the Windows platform which is fine but no match for OS X.

Shakeel was a keen amateur photographer but has recently turned to home audio and loves his Audeze LCD-3’s. Outside the geek zone, Shakeel enjoys keeping fit, working out and cycling. You can find out more about Shakeel on his blog and you can also follow his activities on Twitter and Facebook. To view his photography efforts, visit his photostream on Flickr.

Henry Merriweather
Henry_MerriweatherGuest podcaster Henry also lives in Glasgow and fell into a career in IT when his former employers found that putting him behind a PC was a great way to keep him from doing any serious damage and he found that it kept him from doing any strenuous labour. A win-win situation. It’s a point of personal pride that he switched to Mac before Ian in 2006, and suffers from the delusion that Ian would never have considered taking such a momentous step if he hadn’t raved about it so much. Having four kids means that Henry can only gaze enviously at Ian, Shak and Chris’s gadget stash, although he has managed to blag a few of Ian’s cast-offs as you can see for yourself at “Ian’s stuff – I still have it”. Other claims to fame are that Henry has a font named after him and officially is the man with the coolest name in Glasgow.

Henry’s a very casual gamer having never really coped with things going 3d, but secretly he spends far too much time on Doodle Jump, Cananbalt and other games on the iPhone. Away from the computer and Dad’s Taxi duties, Henry has eaten beetle grubs with a retired cannibal in Papua New Guinea, but that’s another story and we’re going to “save it for the podcast”… Henry’s on Twitter and blogs here.