DigitalOutbox Episode 177

DigitalOutbox Episode 177
DigitalOutbox Episode 177 – Moto X and Twitter Trolls

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0:59 – Moto X
7:10 – Google announces tool to track lost Android phones
8:09 – O2 and Vodaphone Launch 4G on August 29th
12:16 – BT and Vodafone among telecoms companies passing details to GCHQ
15:06 – No internet access in 17% of UK homes, ONS data shows
17:06 – Teenager Hannah Smith killed herself because of online bullying
21:09 – Stella Creasy receives Twitter photo of masked, knife-wielding man
23:35 – Twitters Abuse Commitment
25:51 – Tweeting arrests of ‘illegal immigrants’ is a new low for the Home Office
26:48 – Twitter bigot ordered to pay gay rights campaigner £40,000 for calling her a paedophile
29:01 – Obama Administration Vetoes Ban On Certain iPhones And iPads
31:08 – ‘Safety issues’ prompt Apple charger trade-in programme
33:24 – Amazon launches digital downloads for software and video games in the UK
34:27 – Feedly Pro Announced
37:07 – Google Chrome security flaw offers unrestricted password access
39:18 – Google Play Music All Access Goes Live In 9 European Countries

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