DigitalOutbox Episode 191

DigitalOutbox Episode 191
DigitalOutbox Episode 191 – Drones, Apple and Xbox One

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1:57 – Jeff Bezos promises half-hour shipping with Amazon Prime Air
5:38 – Ministers will order ISPs to block terrorist and extremist websites
8:26 – UK mobile networks agree to £50 charges cap on stolen phones, work towards eliminating roaming fees
11:23 – HBO shows are now available to purchase from the Google Play store in the UK
18:07 – Apple buys motion sensor maker PrimeSense
19:57 – EA reduces price of UK PS4 digital games to £59.99
22:50 – Microsoft Matches PS4 Sales With 1 Million Xbox Ones In 24 Hours, But Takes 11 More Countries To Do It
28:57 – Xbox One juddering plagues UK TV watchers
31:06 – Microsoft responds to Xbox problem with disc drive