No show this week but three picks that are worth checking out.

Tweetbot for Mac

We have a strong love for Tweetbot on iOS at DigitalOutbox so the launch of Tweetbot for Mac is a straightforward pick. Some might not like the design but I love the power and flexibility in Tweetbot and the timeline and DM syncing over iCloud. Some nice Mac exclusive features include multiple window and column view support which works well although is slightly tricky to find and launch. I also love being able to mute hashtags, users and keywords which make for quieter Saturday nights in the UK.

One thing to point out is the price. £13.99 makes Tweetbot one of the more expensive Twitter clients. Primarily the lack of tokens that Twitter now allow third party applications (100,000) has meant that Tapbot, the developers of Tweetbot, have chosen to price the client higher than expected to ensure that free users don’t use up slots for long term customers. It’s not great but blame Twitter. In any case, £14 is a trivial amount to ask for if you are a frequent Twitter user. You will use Tweetbot every day…on a pretty expensive computer that cost much more than £13.99. Sadly the comments on the Tapbots blog don’t make for great reading. iOS really has driven down the price of software and sometimes not for the better.


Another bundle deal from Macheist. Up to 15 app’s available for $29.99. I think the app’s themselves are pretty weak with the one standout being 15 months of Evernote premium. That would usually cost around $50 dollars so you make a saving if your a premium user and get a few other app’s too. Other app’s worth highlighting ar Scrivener, Sam and Max, Disktools Pro and Bioshock 2 which is currently locked but will become available should enough people buy the bundle…which has always been the case in the past.

The Magazine
$1.99 a month

The Magazine is a newstand app from Marco Arment, the developer behind Instapaper. It’s made by geeks for geeks covering technology but also other topics that geeks will find interesting. The app itself is fast and clean unlike so many other newstand app’s and the first four articles published were excellent. Arment admits this is an experiment – he is paying authors for content and it will only work if he gets enough subscribers. Based on the first issue there is much to look forward to.