Habit List

We all have bad habits and need help with breaking them…and starting out new healthy habit’s in their place. One app that I’ve found to be quite useful is Habit List for iOS. The app allows you to add a habit that you want to track and has some great options around scheduling. You have full control over when the habit appears on your daily list – weekdays, everyday or only certain days.

My Habits

To cross off that you’ve achieved one of your habits you just swipe across it in the app – very satisfying. You can also just tap them for speed but I really do like to swipe. You can also set reminders within Habit List and one of the slightly strange recommendations (but it works) is to set a habit of reviewing your habit list and set it to remind you at the end of the day. Really helps keep focus on your progress. I also ping one in for the start of the day so I can set in my head the habit’s I want to promote which are always harder to do.

Habit List tracks your progress

Habit List does two things to try and keep you motivated. Against each habit you will see your streak – how many times in a row have you kept to your goal. It’s a great incentive to keep the streak going but there will be days where you just can’t find the time or you’ve fell into your bad habit. The second way that Habit List helps is by tracking your history. The app will show you a calendar view of which days you’ve maintained the habit. Is it always the same day that you break the habit?

The app is well designed, iOs only and at only £1.49 it’s found a place on my home screen.