DigitalOutbox Episode 149

DigitalOutbox Episode 149
DigitalOutbox Episode 149 – Blackberry 10, Apples Porn Problem and Glasgow gets smart

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1:41 – Blackberry 10
14:23 – EE rolls out 4G to nine new UK towns ahead of schedule
17:45 – Glasgow – UKs first smart city
22:02 – Apples porn problem
26:21 – iOS 6.1
29:45 – New iPad
32:59 – Apple confirms Mac Pro sales will cease in EU on March 1
34:42 – Office 2013 Launched
37:30 – Microsoft Launches Modern.IE
39:31 – Skys Now TV to offer Premier League football and other major sporting events
41:15 – Sky Broadband struggling with demand
43:46 – moves beyond its ad-free Twitter alternative adding 10 GB of storage to share
46:28 – Computer science part of English Baccalaureate
47:19 – 15000 Raspberry Pis free to UK schools thanks to Google
48:43 – Nintendo cuts sales forecast for Wii U and other devices
50:53 – GTAV Delayed

Podcasting – Glasgow Mac User Group

We were recently invited to give a talk on podcasting at the Glasgow Mac user Group. Like fools we said yes and a couple of weeks back we gave the talk at the local Apple store. Despite a hiccup with my Macbook Pro, the evening seemed to go well.

It was certainly something new for me to do, having never used Keynote in anger before. A few people have since asked for the presentation as they are either interested in what we said or couldn’t make it along that evening so here it is. First up is a PDF of the slides which should mean anyone can open and view them.

I’ve also included a movie of the slides which are a bit more representative of the presentation. Right click and download the movie and watch within Quicktime. Click within the movie to progress through the slides.