DigitalOutbox Episode 197

DigitalOutbox Episode 197
DigitalOutbox Episode 197 – WhatsApp, Flappy Bird and Titanfall

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0:57 – Facebook buys WahtApp for $19billion
8:13 – Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirms he had talks with Apple
11:02 – Microsoft rebrands Office Web Apps as Office Online and opens up access at
14:37 – Data protection: Angela Merkel proposes Europe network
17:03 – Giant NHS database rollout delayed
21:55 – UK pornographers urge the government to improve ISP filters
25:39 – Edward Snowden elected as rector of Glasgow University
27:22 – Londoners can register a new .London Web address from April 29
29:13 – James Dyson takes on Google with £5m investment in domestic robots
30:26 – Dont be a Glasshole
32:48 – As its developer promised, Flappy Bird is no longer available but clones remain
36:59 – PlayStation 4 dominates Xbox One in January with nearly double the US sales
40:53 – Titanfall