DigitalOutbox Episode 196

DigitalOutbox Episode 196
DigitalOutbox Episode 196 – Nadella heads up Microsoft, farewell Sony Vaio

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1:09 – Insider Nadella Named Microsoft CEO
5:41 – Sony announces it will lay off 5,000 staff, exit the PC industry and spin out its TV business
8:43 – UK government launches Year of Code campaign and £500,000 fund to train teachers in programming
13:11 – Anti-piracy app launched by music industry
15:23 – Android Marches Onto Another Landline Phone
16:27 – Ready to cast: Chromecast now open to developers with the Google Cast SDK
20:57 – Amazon Acquires Video Gaming Studio Double Helix Games
24:46 – Xbox One’s first major update split in two, launching in February and March

– £1.49
– There’s a cramped and claustrophobic 4×4 grid that is littered with numeric tiles. When you swipe the screen, all the tiles are shunted over. Unless, that is, they’re already up against the edge of the grid.
– With this restriction in play, you can slip two numbers on top of each other. So, you can squash a blue ‘1’ tile with a red ‘2’ tile, which snap together to create a ‘3’ tile. Or you can squash two identically numbered white tiles (two ‘6s’, for example), which snuggle up and get added together (to form a ’12’ tile, for example).
– Your goal is to make as many combinations as possible before the grid inevitably fills up (a new tile is introduced every time you swipe) so that when you tot up all the tiles, you end up with a very high number indeed.