DigitalOutbox Episode 176

DigitalOutbox Episode 176
DigitalOutbox Episode 176 – Twitter Trolls, Now TV and goodbye Skydrive

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0:41 – Twitter under fire after bank note campaigner is target of rape threats
7:55 – Internet troll who abused Mary Beard apologises after threat to tell his mother
9:36 – UK ‘losing fight’ against internet crime, warn MPs
13:39 – Google asked to remove 100 million ‘piracy’ links in 2013
16:18 – Blu-ray successor plan unveiled by Sony and Panasonic
19:20 – Microsoft forced to rename SkyDrive following trademark case with broadcaster
22:10 – British broadcaster BSkyB launches £9.99 Now TV set-top box to make all TVs smart
24:34 – The Old Reader bites the dust
27:46 – Brits can now get hands-off with the Autographer wearable camera
30:33 – Asda removes Nintendo’s Wii U from stores

– simple censorship circumvention
– basically, configure browser to point to a proxy.pac file. This file contains the latest list of URLs that are commonly censored in the UK. When your send a request to one of these sites, your browser is instructed to route that traffic via our HTTP proxy server which will fetch the content and send it back to you. When you send a request for a website that isn’t on our list of URLs that are commonly censored, your browser connects directly to that site, bypassing our servers completely.
– free but costs money to run and so looking for donations
– provided by torrenticity –