If you’re ever in a quandary over a colour scheme for a new website design, user interface or, for that matter, any design project then this is the pick for you. is a tool that enables even the most colour inept of us to generate a design palate that works.


Choose an initial colour to base the scheme around and then use the plethora of options, tweaks and visualisations to come up with a palate that works for you.

Because the colour choices are all based around sound design principles, you shouldn’t be able to go too far wrong.

csd2 csd3
csd4 csd6

Amongst the comprehensive set of options is the ability to see how your colour scheme will be seen by people with all manor of different visual impairments. This is a great accessibility check feature and should keep this important aspect of design firmly in mind.

Once you’re happy with your design, the utility also gives you plenty of export options, including HTML+CSS, XML and TXT. You also have the ability to simply show the HEX codes for use in CSS on screen.

It’s a great tool and well worthy of a bookmark.