Windows 7 Party Time!

I know how excited a whole lot of us – myself included – are about finally getting the retail edition of Windows 7. What better way of celebrating such a tumultuous event than by having a party! We all love a party right? I know I do. Especially parties with truly dorky friends all huddled around a PC enjoying the plethora of exciting new features – like preview popups of windows straight from the doc-bar. I mean, what party have you been to where you haven’t fired up a laptop and enjoyed the delights of the newly reorganised Start menu.

Still, just in case you need some pointers of how your launch party can go with a bang, Microsoft have released some really informative and helpful videos. You’ll feel right at home with these characters. Just like the people you meet everyday… if the people you meet every day are sad muppets who have clearly not managed to get an acting job in years.

Seriously, it would be hugely impressive if this was made to be ironic. Sadly It’s just hugely impressive how utterly geeky and out of touch Microsoft PR is.

But, oh, how the internet is so full of clever people. Take a shockingly bad video and turn it into comedy gold.