The Edge of Flash

As a developer, it’s easy to concentrate solely on the technical aspects of creating applications. Often, technical people are not creative by definition – with the reverse also true. However, there are groups of people out there that can meld both technical and creative brilliance into something truly special.

But where to find these nuggets of web joy? Well, the Adobe Edge newsletter has a section in it called “The Edge of Flash” and every edition sees more of these fusions uncovered.

You can find an online archive of all the previous editions of the Edge Newsletter as well as a link to subscribe should it take your fancy at:

And, just to wet your appetite, I’ve picked out a couple of direct links to just two applications that blew me away.

An interactive music experience:

Pictures can’t do this fully interactive experience justice. But I’ll post one anyway.


And here’s a video if you can’t be bothered visiting the site. Soytuaire

You never knew t-shirts were this much fun:

Again, it’s interactive so piccies are ineffective – just visit the site!